I did some tests today on how to film the learning clips. To me is important that they have as little ‘noise’ as possible, so ideally you see the hands and the dummy.

Tried on landscape traditional way of filming, but it shows way too much surrounding. So did these portrait films, and hopefully will be able to rotate them in Final Cut Pro. That will be the next test.

Tried on a full scale dummy and on a 1/2 size dummy, I think all votes go to the full scale, otherwise there is too much view of hands and hardly any of dummy.

They full scale looks really cool I think, providing I manage to keep my head out of the way! And lovely light design, courtesy of lovely Peter.

I love this combination – and because it would be important for the app to have as little spoken language as possible, the use of graphics applied within the editing phase will be necessary. Here’s how I envisage it:

I think it is important for the user of the app to be able to check if she/he has done the exercise correctly. For this, it would be a good idea to have a scanner – something like the lego app. However, this would probably be extremely difficult to code. So instead, I would like to have shapes that appear on the screen, and the user fits their creation within its confines, to confirm that all is well.

I love the idea of hanging the piece with those lovely old style clips, like on this image:

These are such beautiful images, gorgeous balance, proportions, geometry, contrasts


Simple, to the point, meaningful yet abstract, clean, beautiful. Simple menus and titles.



The interface where the different tutorials sit could be structured in a non linear way, creating a lovely pattern within the grids

Inspiration for the tools page, and also the orderly way in which objects seat within the interface, grids.



This is a really amazing pattern cutter from Japan, he achieves these lovely, intricate shapes, yet his approach is deceivingly simple, so beautiful.

Love also how his videos are presented without any dialog, just making.

This is his you tube channel

This is a Lego app, using a sort of ‘augmented reality’. I like the fact that with the scan, you are able to check that what you have made is correct. This is something necessary in the pattern cutting app. Perhaps something like this would be the solution?